iOS & Android Mobile App + Responsive Website

Brief: Koé is a communications platform that seeks to foster stronger company culture.

My Role:  Product Designer


Mobile App

Brief: LifeLock is a personal identity security company that monitors for identity thefts.

My Role:  UX + UI Designer/Researcher


Mobile App

Brief: FindMyBike was a mobile app that attempted to reduce theft of bicycles by ensuring users could track, report, share on social media, and sound an alarm on the bike.

My Role:  UX Designer + Researcher

Rare Disease

Responsive Website

Brief: The rare disease is a disease education website that is attempting to reach out to patients they may be suffering from the extremely uncommon indication.

My Role:  UX Designer + Researcher


Gorilla: Body Armor


Brief: Gorilla Body Armor is an e-commerce website that is attempting to break into the motocross community.

My Role:  UX Designer + Researcher